8 thoughts on “Am I silly for wanting one of these?

  1. “Am I a complete geek?”

    I thought that question was settled long ago in the affirmative?

    Style 3/4/5 seem most useful, as the tub looks like
    it’s meant for two, but I prefer the look of style 2.

    Nifty colour gizmo, but that could be homebrewed without
    much difficutly using full-colour LEDs.

  2. Or vegetable-based food coloring!

    I notice that the webpage has no “yellow” example.

  3. I just want a tub to fit my 6’1″ 275lbs frame in that my feet don’t have to be strait up in the air so my head can get wet.

  4. i want #1 in purple !!!
    it looks soooo comfy.
    and practical, the cover would keep you and the water warm, therefore saving water from re-filling …… sweet. and purple !!!

  5. I love how 80’s band Toto named themselves after the aforementioned japanese toilet maker and not from Wizard of Oz.

  6. I recognize Toto as the manufacturer of the U”ber toilet… so this doesn’t surprise me one bit. What I’d like to know is do they have a product info page in English for the rest of us to read?

  7. Not for these products, but there is a Toto USA website.

    Otherwise, use the Excite Japan translator. Be sure to click the second radio button (the one that’s not clicked by default) before submitting the URL. It comes out sounding like stereo instructions, but that’s just an artifact of how Japanese grammar works.

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