Today’s Word Of The Day: exfatuated

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:26:35 EDT
Subject: RE: [AH] keyless keyboard?

"vogelscheiss" wrote:

<< Good god is right. There ought to be a special term for plunging suddenly from extreme interest to the depths of total disinterest -- that's what just happened to me, and words fail. >>

I think the word would (or should) be "exfatuation" (i.e. - the opposite of infatuation).

Example: She was really hot, but then I found out she voted for Bush. I am *so* exfatuated.

Michael Bacich

4 thoughts on “Today’s Word Of The Day: exfatuated

  1. Neat-o.
    The descriptive scenerio is cute, too !!
    I would definately become exfatuated about someone who voted for bush … Or disenchanted anyway.


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