The Magic Door

Talking to someone here on LJ I realized that I have a huge amount of Jewish influence in my life. I’ve had exes say I’m the most Jewish non-Jew they know (ok, ok, she used the word shikse . . . :P ). I studied Kabbalah while at Yale. And I went to more temples on Saturday (through bar/bat mitzvah) as a kid than I ever went to church on Sunday (I was supposed to be Catholic…)

Then a glimmer of recognition appeared. Before the Saturday-morning cartoons on WBBM-TV, Channel 2 in Chicago, I used to watch The Magic Door. I remember it being a mix of children’s educational television and Jewish moral grounding, but I also don’t believe it was heavily burdened with religious symbolism.

Information on the program is hard to come by now (a quick Google search turned up only a few references), but I’m curious — does anyone else remember this show?

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  1. “Open, come open, the magic door with me.
    Its your imagination…”

    It was Tiny Tov who hosted the program now known as Rabi Joe Black, a singing Rabbi based out of Albaqwuerque. He’ll be in Chicago for the Jewish Folk Fest 6/13 in Morton Grove this summer. (

    It was a great program, and it dissappeared sometime in the 80’s. I have an early memory of watching the program and singing the theme song. I also remember going to see Tiny Tov at a shul function as a kid and being amazed the Tiny, who was supposed to be 10 inches tall, ws more like a grown man in a peter pan outfit…

    adam davis

  2. It was a formative experience, indeed. I believe it showed on Sunday mornings, as the Jewish institutions would frown on a Jewish show on Shabbes.

    But I vivedly remember Tiny Tov in his Peter pan outfit and his guitar. When I was about 4, my parents took me to see him live at our new synagogue in Deerfield, and I was shocked to learn that he wasn’t tiny at all. Still, everyone knows that song. I miss that show and wish it were still being produced. Quality children’s programming. FYI, the last of the Tiny Tov’s is still performing. Rabbi Joe Black has a pulpit in albuquerque NM and is a minor cause celeb in Jewish music circles. He comes to Chicago about 2x a year- his folks still live in Evanston…

    adam davis

  3. I do remember The Magic Door & Tiny Tov with fond memories. It was aired on Sunday mornings at 7:00am. Although I am a gentile, & was a child at the time the show was on and didn’t quite understand this was a show about Judeism (I was raised Catholic) I still enjoyed it tremendously. I have been searching for months for anyone who may have captured episodes on VHS for sale today.

  4. It is amazing what you can find on the Internet! I was in the kitchen, and suddenly I’m singing (and I’m going to spell these words phonetically as I am not Jewish) ” A rume Zoom Zoom, A rume Zoom Zoom, gilly gilly, gilly, gilly gilly a sah sah. Come thru the Magic Door with me, just say these words and wonderous things you’ll see. ” My kids look at me as if I’m crazy and I tell them, “Every Sunday morning before church, Tiny Tov was on and we loved it! I also was raised in the South suburbs of Chicago. So glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers this.

  5. Don’t ask me why but when I lived in Germany as a little kid (mid 80’s) the magic door was on tv. I still have a couple episodes on tape.


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