Ahhhh, to be home after a long week at work. I’m all ready to order in some…

…oh no! I left my wallet on my desk at work! :(

Oh well, at least my copy of Rez with Trance Vibrator for my Japanese PS2 came in today. I think I’ll spend all weekend playing with it…and getting some work done…and watching Ecchi chase her tail…cho kawaii!

10 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. Ack that kinda sucks forgetting your wallet for the weekend. On the plus side though your cooking can easily put anything ordered out to shame, if you choose that option.

    That was an interesting review (I think I’ve seen that device somewhere before but not a review like that). Yay to playing games on the weekend.

    And yay to Ecchi! Send my love to her.

  2. Rez is a game to play with the best headphones possible, and loud!
    (being freshly caffeinated is good too)

    If you haven’t seen them, there is a line at the end of the credits which
    succinctly explains the entire games’ visual design.

    I wish more games were like that one.
    Oh well, there’s always Tempest X3…

  3. Excuse me for a moment while I peel my eyebrows off the ceiling and pop my eyeballs back into my head.

    Okay. Better now.

    That sounds like a really interesting way for a geek guy to spend a night with a geek girl.

  4. I’ll have to see, this is the 日本語 version, though. However I’m somewhat synaesthetic normally, so this game might be closer to my normal reality than usual.

    I think I’ll try it with my big sound system first, then headphones if I choose…

  5. Oh, I project my games onto the wall, at about a 110″ size. So you can leave your eyebrows on the ceiling if you like…yah, it sounds like a fun evening to be had for sure!

  6. Synaesthesia, or at least a really good sensory buzz, if the whole point of the game. :)

    I only suggested headphones in deference to the ears of assumed neighbours…

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