17 thoughts on “On narrowmindedness

  1. I get the feeling that the writer just laid down a copy of “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein. Grok?

    My own thoughts? Nature has been beaten to death by nurture.

  2. What a hoot! I love how people just naturally buy into something simply because it’s written down. (While I would have personally found it emotionally difficult to consume a pet, I didn’t understand all of the animal cruelty comments I scanned.)

    I scanned the major comments in the threads to see what folks were saying. What a lovely example of human arrogance. “my way or no way”

    Thanks for posting the links!

  3. That book was what turned me off to Heinlein (admittedly I was 8 years old, and couldn’t grok Heinlein yet), and I’ve been struggling to reapproach him ever since. Someday I’ll even succeed.

  4. Okay, that was overly vague. What I meant to say was, if this had all been for real, then I’d have no problem with it. I actually thought it was quite touching. That’s the sort of meat-eater we need more of in the world– people who have compassion for the animals they eat.

    But I do wish people would be themselves and tell the truth in their journals instead of seeking attention.

  5. *grin* classic usenet style troll. its great. At first I believed it, wasn;t shocked, and was just kinda sitting wondering about the stupidity of eating a possibly diseased rabbit… next I read the “alternate scenarios” article and just cracked up laughing.

    classic, just classic (and I’m gullible, just gullible…)

  6. that’s hilarious. it reminds me of a story my friend told me about his two pet rabbits names “fluffy” and “bunny”. one day fluffy and bunny ran away. years later he found out that his father was raising them for dinner.

  7. I may be vegetarian, however I have studied cultures that have found it a natural state to have some part of them consumed upon death to *take into them* that person/ souls being. I was not upset by it in any way, it thats how it works for you… More power….

    Now Im trying to find a really good pie recipe for my body…. wonder who would dine?

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