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  1. haha maybe the jews can get the money by suing the christians and germans for punative damages :P

  2. The Jews can counter-sue for the pharaohs enslaving the ancient semetic peoples of the middle east! Hurray for being responsible for the actions of people who died thousands of years ago!!

  3. It’s about time those Jews get what they have coming to them. Just look at the luxurious conditions they’ve lived with for the past 2,000 years. They’ve even had a homeland of their own for the past 56 years. Bastards!

  4. Please excuse my lack of formalitites, I don’t know you etc, but I was wondering if you’ve heard what a few German politicans were trying to do. They feel that because of the countries extreamly low birth rate, and the fact that there are more people over sixty then there are under the age of twenty that they should make a new law giving every German citizen the right to vote…from birth. (This is in fact a small group of people that are seriously looking into this. This was heard on NPR. Gasp, an American under the age of 25 that regularly listens to NPR!)

  5. Hi,
    I’ve added you, I hope you don’t mind. I can’t help but be interested in a person who has the litany against fear in their bio. :)

  6. I may be entirely mistaken, but I thought the pharaohs were not, well, Arabs. I was gonna say “not the same race”, but then I got all confused. Race is scientifically a pile of B.S., so it wouldn’t matter if the Pharaohs were Arabs or not. But then it wouldn’t matter what the Jews really were. So then they’d need to classify by religion, but all of a sudden I’m not too sure if these Muslims pray to Rah, and all the other gods the Pharaohs believed in. Then I realized that they’ve only been screwing with my head and are just screw balls anyways.

    I know some people may be offended by this, but the mere image of an Arabian asking for 1000 years of interest from a Jew… I almost busted a gut!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

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