Brutal bear murdering


The internationally famous research by two Canadian naturalists showing that grizzly bears in the snow-swept Russian wilderness can live peacefully with humans has ended in a brutal tragedy, The Globe and Mail has learned.

The dozens of massive Siberian grizzly bears whose lives were catalogued for the groundbreaking eight-year study have been slaughtered in their nature sanctuary as a message to the Canadian researchers, Charlie Russell and Maureen Enns, to abandon the project. Their research has been the subject of a PBS television documentary, a bestselling book and hundreds of news stories across three continents.

The people who killed the bears nailed the gall bladder of a baby grizzly to the research station’s kitchen wall as a gruesome taunt.

13 thoughts on “Brutal bear murdering

  1. That is completely disgusting. What a horrible lack of humanity. I cannot imagine how such acts could be justifiable in anyone’s mind.

  2. That is absolutely one of the most horrific and disturbing – and heartbreaking – stories I’ve ever heard. I feel like crying.

  3. The world is ruled by the almighty dollar. People like Dian Fossey (of whom I have a pet rat named for) die as a result of it. If the question is why, the answer is always money.

    What I don’t understand is the stupidity of poaching. There is NOT an infinite supply without regulation, yet with the illegal free-for-all, their stock is going to run out very quickly.

    Materialism sucks. I’d rather live with the bears too.

  4. To kill any creature for sport, or to prove a point is wrong in my opinion. My people have killed animals, but only to survive and we always offer up a prayer for the taking of the animal and for the spirit of the animal to forgive and understand why it was necessary to take it’s life.

    In my opinion, whomever did the murdering of the bears, needs to be taken out and coated with honey and tied to a tree, and let the bears in the wilderness have him. What they did was brutal, wrong and if I was anywhere in the vicinity, they’d see my wrath.

  5. If ‘humanity’ refers to the peculiar nature of man by which he is distinguised from other beings, I must disagree with your second statement. Across this entire planet, only humans are capable of what happened here..

  6. Humanity as in the act of kindness, mercy and compassion. The act of being humane.

    With reference to humans being distinguised from other beings, while I know scientists have studied other beings, I do not believe it is possible to truly know what goes on in the minds of other beings. I believe we are only what we are, and that is all we can know with 100% certainty. Just a matter of personal opinion. :::grin:::

    Regardless, the act was completely inhumane, unjust, unwarranted and unkind.

  7. Kinda cool though, that a couple of scientists can be so threatening, just looking at stuff. Bwahahah!

  8. Someone I know once commented about an event he experienced during school.
    His class was watching “Full Metal Jacket” (I believe it was).
    He noticed something odd.
    The kids in the class had no reaction to people getting blown to bits.
    But a little dog died. And all of a sudden the class was in uproar over it.

    This isn’t to say i think bears dying isn’t bad: When I heard this on the radio I was very disgusted. I just wonder why the media doesn’t report quite as often about the human distress.

    But then I remember. It’s the _media_. That’s what they do.

    God bless CBC…

  9. That’s because people have it coming. Not necessarily a specific person or persons, but humankind in general. We suck, and we bring bad shit upon ourselves.

    Animals, like children, are innocent and defenceless. That’s why they get the media’s attention as well as the general public’s sympathy.

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