Started with watching, oddly, Miyazaki’s Spirited Away at Kendall Square Cinema, before I had to take care of some very personal and, frankly, very troubling and difficult business. It was odd to be watching a Japanese film, in English, in Boston … and then totally unprepared for the INCREDIBLE sense of nostalgia when I saw the countryside, the telephone poles, the concrete. I hated these things, still do, yet why does seeing them animated on a big screen move me to tears? I guess I feel unrooted, started to “belong” to a place once again just as I rip myself out of it… -_-

Started with and at John Harvard’s Brew House and got pleasantly sloshed on a great cask-conditioned stout. They had to leave before Mary’s :( Met with , , and ate WAY too much Mary Chung’s. broke his arm which makes life hard, now I have to go and see him in Chelmsford! But it’s not his fault…. Also meeting up with Deb, an OLD friend I met here in Boston and who now lives in NYC, who couldn’t make dinner last night but stayed extra long in Boston JUST to hand with me. She’s a sweetie, I gotta get her hooked up with a LJ! :)

Now off to Sound Bites for brunch, maybe some more fun with bellebet and rogueactor, then off back to Toronto! What a whirlwind weekend, but SO GOOD for my soul.

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  1. and it was great having you over and seeing you. :-) YAY. We had so much fun hanging with you and meeting Deb

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