Boston, here I come!

Boston area people: Mary Chung’s (Central Square, right on Mass. Ave in Cambridge, across from the McDonalds. Central Square stop on the Red Line), Saturday (tomorrow!), 7PM. Come one, come all. I also have all day Sunday free, except for a potential early morning bikeride with if I can manage it. Be there or be hungry.

From Tober:

<tober> Get off the train at Central Square, go outside, walk along mass ave “outbound” (toward Harvard, not toward Kendall) a few blocks, Mary Chung’s is on the right side of Mass Ave near Burger King.

11 thoughts on “Boston, here I come!

  1. Just take tha T from Alewife down to Hahvahd Sqwah, walk 2 blocks down Root 5, and ya theah.

  2. You really ARE trying to sound like tober aren’t you? :P

    (For those of you lost, It’s the Kendall square stop, not the Harvard Square stop, and it’s right there on Mass Ave.)

  3. Well *I* used the Hahvahd Sqwah stop and got there fine.. and don’t botha tryin to take ya cah.. there’s nowhere to pahk the cah neah Hahvahd Sqwah.

  4. So… are you gonna make a reservation for N, or we just show up and takes our chances?

  5. yeah, but if ya get off at central, park in the greene st garage, you only pay a couple of bux. so there.

  6. twas yummy in the tummy… and good to see you again.

    be stranger, but don’t be a stranger.

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