Trip for my sanity’s sake. All y’all in Boston, I will be in town from 11AM on Friday, Sept 21st to 7PM on Saturday, Sept 22nd (with a short detour between 3 and 5PM to attend to business.) Let’s do Mary Chung’s and go dancing or something. I need a night out!

(This means YOU, and and and….)

12 thoughts on “Boston

  1. i’m moving to the DC area tomorrow… if you are going to live on the eastern seaboard, we should definitely try nad hook up sometime girlie girl. if you choo choo choose toronto, i will be heading up there sometime soon too.

    have a safe trip!!

  2. If you could just figure out how to package up some Mary Chung’s food, freeze it, and ship it to me, I would be ever so grateful…

    Good luck getting tober to go dancing. That’s something I would like to see. :)

  3. And good luck with your move! DC should be an interesting place to be these days. Probably gonna make a go of it in T-to, though…

  4. Swan La Chow Chow!!! :)

    As for tober dancing….he’ll probably say he’s not gay and back out on the club we’re going to anyway. Tober?

  5. Man, you gotta learn the slang if you ever expect to make it here.

    It’s either “Toranna” (no real Torontonian ever pronounces the second T), “The Big Smoke”, or “The Centre of the Universe”.

    Jeez, next you’ll be going to San Francisco and calling it “Frisco”.

  6. I only said “T-to” because it was kken’s abbreviation for it :P

    But thanks for the lesson. Just like I never called Chicago “The Windy City” or NY “The Big Apple” or Boston “That college town on the water” — er, “Beantown.” :)

  7. News flashes, one and two:

    • 1. I am on lj now () — so you can peek at me as well as I can peek at you
    • 2. Count me in for Mary’s! — you will call us or something to arrange a time, right?
  8. Now that you’re on my “friends list,” take a look at my journal again. :)

    OF COURSE I will contact you! However I would give a best guess to day it’ll be Mary’s, 7PM, if you don’t hear otherwise.

    Thank goodness you’re on here now. I was beginning to think you might miss all the fun. ;)

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