Things are still a bit hairy at times but I think I’m stabilizing from everything that’s happened. I can sort of get back to my Chopin waltz practicing (Op. 64, No. 1), packing the apartment, reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and making nummy mixed drinks (NOT to get drunk, just to be a bit buzzed, and to get rid of ALL THIS ALCOHOL before I move).

Tomorrow, 175kph. More on that later. :)

10 thoughts on “Stabilizing

  1. It’s Carl Haas, back to torture me with 30 minutes of boring diatribe about how little we TRULY know about classical music and its recordings!!! (Did you get that on the radio up there? He used the Adagio as his opening theme music. He was an arrogant asshole who was syndicated across most classical music radio stations in the US, and was on for years and years…fell asleep to him too many times as a child in the car on the way back from my grandparents’ place.)

    Seriously, I loved playing the Sonata Pathetique. I just wanted a nimble-finger workout to make improvisational work easy again. Sometime I’ll do a concert for y’all of my life’s work — mastering Moussorsgky’s original Piano Solo version of Pictures At An Exhibition

  2. oops look like I replied in the wrong place. Anyway, glad to hear you are doing better. I’ll have to introduce you to my collection some year. Yes, and improvisation rocks. Nice way to get rid of stress.

  3. Think moonlight definitely my favorite.. though I like the haunting yet eerily relaxing first movement.

  4. Arguments about classical music on my lj! :P But someone is auspiciously absent…a friend who really knows his pre-1900 music…. [taps foot]

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