you know

there are cards to express condolences when you lose someone to death, when you fail a test, etc. There need to be cards specifically designed for when you break up. Seriously. Why don’t people jump on this market???? They certainly jump on the opposite side….valentine’s, i love you cards, etc.

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  1. I’m totally taken by surprise – things seemed to be going so well. Sorry to hear about this.

    It’s tough breaking up. Never gets any easier, no matter how many times you have to deal with it, either. At least not in my experience.


  2. Outside: “You know all those times I said your (insert annoying habit) didn’t bother me?”
    Inside: “I lied. BITCH.”

    “Who keeps on trusting you
    When you’ve been cheating
    And spending your nights on the town
    And who keeps on saying that he still wants you
    When you’re through running around
    And who keeps on loving you
    When you’ve been lying
    Saying things ain’t what they seem”

    “God does
    But I don’t
    God will
    But I won’t
    And that’s the difference
    Between God and me”
    (Thanks Lyle Lovett!)

    “To my Ex-
    Even though
    We’ve broken up
    You might get lonely at times
    And when you do
    Don’t despair”

    “Here’s a quarter, call someone who’ll care”
    (tape a quarter inside)

  3. lessee… i’m a little sore still on this myself.

    card for her to send:
    “i faked it… every one.” (ok kinda obvious)

    card for him to send:
    “thanks… for being my disposable cum dumpster.”

  4. I didn’t mean it that way guys, tho those ar efunny.

    I meant “condolences on the occasion of your breakup” cards that friends can give people who have just broken up…tho those can be funny too:

    Outside: “Breakups are so hard. I’m sorry there’s such a big void in your life right now…”

    Inside: “Can I fill it?” :P

  5. been looking at your journal and your site. so sorry to hear about your break-up. i feel really sad for you and i don’t know what to say. [hugs]

  6. Hi my name is michele and i’m a livejournal user too. I need serious help and i was wondering if you could help me? I’m trying to change the background of my LJ and it’s not working. I even went to the help section on how to add a background to my page but it’s not working. i found your page while looking up help on the net. can you help me please?
    Sincerely Yours
    Michele AKA chele

  7. thank you hon….i will pull through somehow, I know — it’s hard. You seem like a cool person, though I can’t read your journal :)

  8. you’re so strong…i know you’ll get through it too. [hug] i am also trying to get over my ex-gf.
    i’ll add you to my friends list then, so you can see my journal.

  9. I don’t know what else t do, really. Email me if you like, I’m always willing to talk.

    Take care of yourself.

    And remember that I love you, my friend.

  10. OK thanks. I got it working finally. i found out what i was doing wrong…NOTHING its’ stupid live on my computer it’s friggin buggin so i finally got it to work anyhow. feel free to add me as a friend if you want i’ll add you right back. no prob.

  11. *hug* I know it isnt much, but I have an ear if you ever want to talk. Actually, there was a line of cards one time.. I saw it years ago.. for people breaking up and ending a marrage.. I dont know who had the line, I recalled it being a blue blackground at Walgreens.. but I dont see it anymore. Others might not of known about it or thought blank cards were enough, but I dont always think they are. You are in my thoughts,


  12. Thanks hon…just trying to carry on. Look for me on any of those IM services listed in my userinfo….

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