slowly moving through the day

Life has major ups and downs. Today had both. Good time talking with M. Bad times on trying to hold the rest of my life together at the same time.

But I watched HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH and that made me feel a lot better. Kinda puts your own life into perspective I guess. And it’s all about forgiveness and working through pain, too….

I wonder if it’s time to start polishing off another bottle of alcohol. IM me, maybe I’ll be interesting to talk to. :)

5 thoughts on “slowly moving through the day

  1. oooo We’ve seen the moveie in a theatre months ago. Finally bought the CD and DVD so we can re-watch it. Fun fun movie!

  2. one of my friends told me to watch that movie. i still haven’t. i also haven’t been drunk in a while. too broke to by the alcohol.
    maybe i should get this friend to move out here with me & we can get a place & be single & weird together. except that she wants to go to san diego & i like la.

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