Who ARE these people?

I gotta start turning off Trillian when I don’t want to talk to people.
And who does this guy think the NSA is anyway?

Start of owlhoot2000 buffer: Wed Aug 07 16:29:30 2002
[16:13] owlhoot2000: hi how are u
[16:13] joantouzet: ?
[16:13] owlhoot2000: just saying hi
[16:13] joantouzet: hi
[16:13] owlhoot2000: 32 m australia
[16:14] owlhoot2000: seen u in bbw club
[16:14] joantouzet: bbw?
[16:14] owlhoot2000: big beautiful woman
[16:14] owlhoot2000: u are a member
[16:14] joantouzet: I'm afraid you must be mistaken.  
[16:15] joantouzet: I'm not a member of any such organization.
[16:16] owlhoot2000: maybe playing up but says u are in it
[16:16] joantouzet: Can you give me a link?
[16:17] owlhoot2000: is in yahoo groups
[16:17] owlhoot2000: interests
[16:18] joantouzet: I only see 5 groups I have in yahoo groups,
none of which are that.  you don't have a URL where it says that?
[16:19] owlhoot2000: its very long with heaps of numbers
[16:19] joantouzet: that's ok, just paste it
[16:23] joantouzet: wait a second, don't I know you?
[16:23] owlhoot2000: if u go to the profile ofcurvylady_uk and
click on her interest
[16:24] owlhoot2000: then search down the bottom for online
female 25 35 u will find it
[16:25] joantouzet: oh, that just means I'm 25-35 and online.  I'm
not part of the bbw group.  but aren't you part of the MLP group?
[16:25] owlhoot2000: whats that
[16:25] owlhoot2000: mlp
[16:25] joantouzet: Men with Little Penises
[16:25] owlhoot2000: yes
[16:26] owlhoot2000: how did u no
[16:26] joantouzet: I read it in your profile.  
[16:26] joantouzet: Not just from Yahoo, but from this here NSA file.
[16:26] owlhoot2000: great group
[16:26] owlhoot2000: nsa
End of owlhoot2000 buffer: Wed Aug 07 16:29:30 2002

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