We’re published!

It took us long enough to find it, but…

Last year my gf and I marched in the Tokyo Gay & Lesbian Parade. Just before we started, this girl at a booth asked the two of us if we wouldn’t mind being profiled in an upcoming issue of Anise, a Japanese lesbian magazine. We were pretty excited, so we said sure.

Just a few days ago we found the magazine (already a newer issue had come out) in Shinjuku 2-chome, the GBLT hangout in Tokyo. We bought it for fun, and lo and behold, there we are just a few pages in.

For those of you who want your own copy, it’s the winter 2002 issue, with “Girl meets girl” on the cover, the two girls lying on the ground with the rainbow cloth next to them. I’ll try and get a scan soon. We’re famous! :)

(And yes, that’s us on the TGLP 2002 webpage too. 10th picture down. Holding up the banner in the background.)