Southern cooking night!

I can’t wait for tonight! I’m making world-famous New Orleans cooking, just like I used to get at Ralph & Kacoo’s.

The main course is going to be deep-fried Japanese fish that looks an awful lot like catfish — something the locals consider inedible — and hush puppies. No, they’re not shoes, they’re balls of delicious corn meal, milk, egg and a bit of onion deep fried alongside the fish. They’re just a bit sweet, and 100% divine. has a recipe close to what I’m making tonight, though I use yellow corn meal and regular milk. Oh, and regular corn meal — no need for this self-rising stuff. :) Actually, this one might be a closer recipe. Yay Justin Wilson!

And there’s no Zatarain’s Fish Fri here, so I’ll make do with regular batter and adding a bunch of zesty spices. Woo wee! :)

2 thoughts on “Southern cooking night!

  1. *droolz*

    OK, I now miss New Orleans.. Blues.. Jazz..French Quarter.. House of Blues.. AND I now miss Ralph & Kacoo’s!!!! THat is a place I hit like twice everytime I go to New Orleans.. The Shrimp type platter *drools and drools and drools* New Orleans in Nov *dreamy sigh*

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