So first…

Garbage was INCREDIBLE.

My GF and I were right up at the front, just a bit house right of center stage. Shirley Manson was cool, even in the somewhat androgynous outfit. When she took her suspenders down a bit, you could see her nipples. I think those of us in the first few rows spent most of the concert staring at them. :)

My ears are still ringing a bit, but that was a great fucking concert. Wish it was longer than about 100 minutes tho — when did rock concerts get so short??

My favorite bit: In between songs, this girl next to me, about my height, is reaching towards the stage and saying “Shaaa-reee!!!” at the top of her voice (which isn’t that loud) in a very pleading voice. After a few songs, Shirley turns to her and says “I hear you, what is it darling?” The girl couldn’t respond, and didn’t call her name again in the concert. It’s the classic Japanese conundrum . . . desire to interact with fame, then when the chance presents itself, having absolutely no clue what to do. At least my GF knew to say “You’re Welcome!” when Shirley said “Thank You!” to the riotous applause she got.

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  1. fantastic stuff… Maybe I’m just overwesternized, but I am often surprised by how many people actually play Japan… Do you get to go to a lot of concerts there or was this like, an odd/special case thingo?

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