On the Dentsu building today

So some of you know I work for DentsuFUSE K.K., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu, the largest advertising company in the world. So we’re walking over to one of their millions of buildings for a meeting. Over the entrance to the door is . . .

. . . a chiseled representation of Janus. Significant? You betcha.

4 thoughts on “On the Dentsu building today

  1. not that this has anything to do with the topic, but just got a line from Sherry about your lj, and thought I’d say hiya.

    its Alli, the ex Pittsburgh now back in Boston Alli :-)

    so hiya

  2. doing ok, I could say just go read my entries ;-). And yes, it is sooo much better in Boston then Pittsburgh. When you come back to the states, if you ever want to visit your old stomping ground, you have a place to crash.


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