for Japanese vendors who work hard and do their job right. It’s a refreshing change from the idiots I worked with while at Spike. N.B. Don’t ever do business with a reseller in Japan named Rikei.

Now to finish these paragraphs for my 70P 53KR17 proposal!

3 thoughts on “yay

  1. Sounds like computer work can be as trying as graduate school.

  2. Hah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! But instead of trying to help your professor make himself get tenure or look cool, you’re now playing “with the real stuff,” e.g. your job. At least you rarely get kicked out of grad school.

    And you rarely can lose your apartment/home because of losing a job too…Japan is harder because your employer typically sponsors your rental (guarantors are necessary for foreigners), which means they partially control your life. For other professions than engineering they’ll lord over you your visa, saying “We have the right not to sign your visa form….” Scums.

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