great film. Benicio Del Toro deserved the Oscar.

Staying up until 1AM to watch is is bad. Visiting your gf’s mom and brother is totally worth it, especially when you get a trip to Costco out of it :) Yay 2lb. bag of M&Ms!

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  1. I almost grabbed the miniseries that was 50% responsible for the movie (If you’ve heard the description of how the project came about, it SOOO makes sense that it would have ended up being such an… important feeling film) the other day on DVD… Starting to wish I had… Maybe later this month.

    del Toro is easily one of my favourite actors of the nineties/naughts… The man is so frikking versatile! Sit down and watch “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (Okay so the full title of the book is cooler, as are some of the scenes they didn’t put in the movie though) and “Traffic” and “Snatch” sometime… It’s just… Impressive. And not only is he that versatile, but he plays the roles in such an understated… Serious way. Well except Dr. Gonzo, but shit, he captured Gonzo about right. And even then, you can even see the role as being taken seriously, as if he is playing a historical document.

    And that’s why we love Benicio ;)

    And why we love Johnny Depp too… But that’s another box of marbles lost.

    PS, Cadbury Mini-Eggs own your M&M’s!!!!!!

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