Too much crab. but it was nummy! but what a salt overdose with both that AND the nabe tsuyu! :P

Lunch reminded me, yet again, that I HATE T.G.I. Friday’s. I know, I know, I’m no longer an American. But I sure as hell am not “turning Japanese!” Last time I checked, I still hated anime :)

5 thoughts on “ooof

  1. It’s kind of hard to like Friday’s if you don’t eat meat. Their best dish is the Jack Daniels chicken. But they need to get rid of the “flair”. :)

  2. is the tgi fridays in jpn always crowded? seems when they opened one up in seoul, place was packed wall to wall for months… it’s still quite the epicenter of social activity today it seems… what is the deal with that? for the record i cannot stand the “flair” either… must remember to bring office space dvd with me to chicago heh heh heh

    speaking of which, didn’t you WORK for an anime convention? ;-)

  3. I’ve developed a loathing of it mostly since I moved to Japan. People here overdose on it, and the otaku hyper-fans are enough to make you never watch it again. Rooms full of videotapes, books, it’s all overwhelming. And a visit to Akihabara is all you need to remember that “too much of a good thing…”

    I still have my Totoro, Kiki and A-ko videotapes. About all I can handle now is Miyazaki and the occasional gentle humor. But the last time I watched one was a year ago.

  4. Oh, the “flair” is perfectly suited for hyper-genki Tokyo! Yeah, it’s really crowded at night, but for lunch it’s not too bad — mostly filled with foreign businessmen.

    And yes, I did, but I loathed almost every minute of the actual convention itself. I did it primarily to hang with friends like YOU, ya bastard, but you skipped out on me you fuQwit :)

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