Vacation I: San Jose, Phoenix

(I don’t think I can do justice to the vacation my gf and I just took in a single posting, so I’m breaking it up into sections.)

After the kick-ass holiday cocktail party we had (did you see any of the pictures?) I wasn’t sure we’d top it with the vacation, but we did. Because I was silly and didn’t feel like calling up American Airlines on the phone, I ordered our upgrade certificates by regular mail – only to have them arrive after we left. :( But they were running a promotion, and with the remaining miles I had, I managed to upgrade the two of us to business class anyway! So we spent 9 hours from Tokyo Narita to San Jose in luxury, getting drunk and attempting to sleep on each other. What a trip for her — her first business class flight. I spoil her so much. :)

San Jose was . . . surreal, mostly because we were both sleep-deprived. My friend Joe, on furlough from his U.S. Army Reserve duties, picked us up, drove us to Palo Alto to collect his wife (what a hottie Rowena is!) and the four of us did an American-sized lunch. I keep forgetting how much food you’re served in the States, and I over-ordered and over-ate. I had to unbuckle my pants just to get back into the car! We drove around boring San Jose for a couple of hours, then headed back to the airport to work our way to Phoenix.

John (my GF’s best friend) took us to our hotel room, and bleary-eyed we staggered to Albertson’s for some Cup Noodle (?!?!!!), some cranberry juice, and some strawberries. CRASH!

Next day John had to work, so Mercy and I explored old downtown Scottsdale together, heading straight for the Fashion Mall, where we went overboard buying all the rest of her (and my!) holiday presents. If only I could have justified buying those $300 boots . . . they were so supple, and fit so well (FINALLY!) We snagged some great plush robes, Pier 1 candles (courtesy of John’s corporate discount), tops and bottoms, and cramps to boot (damn American food!) At least P.F. Chang’s was a welcome break, though still entirely too much food. But that terrible bar he took us to in Tempe — ACK! His friends were nice and all, and (to be fair) he didn’t like it either . . . all I can say is “white hip-hop.” Just say no. But the lesbian bar we headed to later, “Ain’t Nobody’s Biz” was much much better, the sort of place I wish existed in Tokyo. Hrm . . . no, focus on your current career.

Next time, plane checkout and the Vegas round trip! It’s great to be back!

4 thoughts on “Vacation I: San Jose, Phoenix

  1. p.f. changs? you white person you. ;-)

    sorry i missed the lunch, was off being slave manual labor. glad j00 had fun.

  2. Hey, P. F. Changs isn’t Chinese. It’s Nouveau American. :) And it’s shitloads better than YAD (Yet Another Denny’s) or the other fare you usually get at mall restaurants. Plus you can get cocktails. Any restaurant where I can get a gin & tonic is OK in my book. :P

  3. i ate there once… the service sucked & so did the food. should stick to bottled beer in a place like that. they can’t really mess it up.

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