OK, so obviously, I’m . . .

Alyssa from Chasing Amy. Duh.

You’re a very open and adventurous person, you’ve been around the block and back several times. Yet, as all people do, you realize that this life style cannot go on forever and need to settle down. Hopefully as more time progresses you’ll stick to one gender and not be so greedy!
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4 thoughts on “OK, so obviously, I’m . . .

  1. You are very flirtatious and have no problem flaunting your sexual side. You enjoy all the attention you get from acting ditzy, but behind your exterior you’re very street smart and can help anyone along the way with their relationships. And hey, who else can look exactly like Burt Reynolds?(Except for the mustache!)

    Uhh, I think not. I don’t have a ditsy side. Just ask Jon. =) I can look exactly like Burt Reynolds?! WTF?! =)

  2. You are deep and passionate about life, and some have even described you as coarse. But deep down you have a good heart and that’s all that matters. Actually…all that really matters is that your boyfriend is Brodie.

    …hm. Interesting.

  3. heh heh heh

    You’re all about romantic love, and you would do anything for your man. You will be successful in your life and relationships as long as you can keep a handle on your oral fixations. 37!! That’s just too much!
    Take The “Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?” Quiz!!

    i will just assume the “oral fixations” is smoking tobacco!

    i once took a bitch test all my female coworkers in chicago were taking and slayed them all…. 92% BITCH… heheh oh man

  4. Hey it’s me Elspeth… I just found out my friend Hallelujah is God (a.k.a. Alanis Morisette– God is from Ottawa!) today. Funny what the internet will tell you.

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