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ok, it’s probably painfully obvious at this point that I’m a bit of a net free-speecher – or at least, anti-corporate-net-ownership. [ed: I used to have the word ‘libertarian’ here, but this confused people due to its political overtones. I’m discussing an issue, people, not a political ideology. I’m no more Libertarian than I am Republican or Democrat.]

I hate online profiling, detest advertisements (to the point of not owning a TV!) and generally resist having my activity monitored.

Here’s a quick video if you’re not familiar with this concept, told in allegory:

Do something about it. Visit http://freespeech.org/ourweb/ to find out more. I don’t believe this is about republican vs. democrat, or liberal vs. democrat…again, it’s about owning your own online life and content.

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  1. Joan,

    Ironic that the freedom video is hosted on youtube. Reminds me of the stories of the Soviet Union and other overtly totalitarian societies that would set up resistance organizations – essentially honeypots — to track, manage and attenuate those outside the first couple of sigmas (why they call(ed) them deviates). Also reminds me of my own experiences in the US during the 60s of people in the anti-war movement that worked for the FBI/local police.

    IMHO those that need to be in control have co-opted capitalism and morphed consumerism into the ultimate opiate – comfort. And so freedom (talk about a fatigued meme) dies the death of a thousand cuts….and the world changes channels…

    BTW, nice 2007 list –

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