the anticraft of knitting

I like lovely things, but I tend to go for dark, saturated colours or greys. Thank heavens for the AntiCraft. I’m already pondering a project or two from it, and another one based on some yarn Monica tipped me off is on sale. I ain’t makin’ no dog-or-cat-sweaters, but I sure like me a nice something to keep me warm.

1 thought on “the anticraft of knitting

  1. We so appreciate you appreciation, and thusly present you with our standard submission letter:

    Finally, a place to share all those subversive little ideas running around your head. Submit in defiance of the norm and celebration of the odd. Submit challenging tutorials, foolish questions, and unthinkable items. Be offensive, intelligent, esoteric. The final call is ours, and we do not pander to children, evangelical fundamentalists of any flavor, or idiots. The voices in your head can submit, too. Provided they can type.

    The High Priestess of Shameless Promotion

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