up to 72 lbs

An Atypical Life does not endorse mail fraud.

That said, getting back at bulk mailers who refuse to take you off of their mailing lists has never seemed sweeter.

[Edit: Seems this is a fake, see comments…]

6 thoughts on “up to 72 lbs

  1. hey hun, it’s me. i finally figured i should do this register thingy. hope you are doing okay!

  2. Hi kayt — I’m well thanks, though the New Orleans ordeal still has me a little breathless.

    P.S. You can comment from here on out without having to be approved, it’s a one time thing. :)

  3. Following up my own post… (1) That Straight Dope column is somewhat old, in the current Domestic Mail Manual the relevant rule is in 507.8.4.6. Also, this is, of course, the US Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual and I realize you’re in Canada (and I do not know what the BRM rules in Canada are). The author of the web page you linked to appears to be in the US, though.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up, Ben! I will have to look into it here in Canada. So this guy must have been lying in 2002, eh?

  5. Canadian Rules are similar to the U.S. Many of the postal regulations are word for word copies between the two countries.

    Also if you ever notice, most junk mail does not come with a postage paid envelope anymore at least in Canada, and the ones that do are normally American companies with the notice “Valid In U.S.A” on the envelope.

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