cowboys and pudding

It’s really not a cliché anymore: Ang Lee’s gay cowboy film wins Venice Golden Lion.

Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain,” a tale of homosexual love in the wilds of Wyoming, won Venice’s Golden Lion on Saturday, beating film festival favorite George Clooney in the race to take the top prize.

Anyone seen it? Do they run out of pudding?

2 thoughts on “cowboys and pudding

  1. Haven’t seen it, but it’s doubtful they ran out. Brokeback mountain is in a little-known (and possibly made-up) pudding mining area, the discovery of which initiated the “Pudding Rush of 1873” as veins of pudding were discovered throughout the region. Sadly, the most productive veins were short-lived, and all that’s left are a couple of old mining towns with the requisite abandoned opera house.

  2. Sadly, that’s not the whole story. The terrible story of the pudding brothels, and the women who were forced to wear butterscotch, pistachio and (heaven forbid) tapioca pudding on their thighs….truly a tragedy of the age.

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