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Things have gone from bad to worse. I have not heard from anyone about my grandfather. I phoned the company that runs the hospital he went to, and they have no information either. Supposedly they evacuated that hospital to another one, but the second hospital too is flooding, and according to reports on, running out of food and water. There are 350 people there at last count.

They say that the flooding is so bad in St. Bernard Parish that the water is flowing back over the levee into the Industrial Canal.

Perhaps the worst is that the St. Bernard Parish president, Henry “Junior” Rodriguez, isn’t getting any attention. He can’t even get through to FEMA and local employees to help coordinate rescue activities and focus efforts on the worst areas: the Civic Center, the Domino Sugar Refinery, the High School, the Medical Center, and so on.

For anyone who is listening in who has loved ones in the area, here are the best resources I have found for information:

St. Bernard Forum @ This has the most up to date info. Go up to just for other parishes.

Secondary forum @ (registration is offline so this forum doesn’t get as much activity as the one)

Best news coverage:

Streaming video of WWL-TV: here
Worst news that I’ve gotten so far:

Letter from Junior: (scroll to bottom)

Photos: My cache which I’m building right now. I will update this as I get more photos of the affected area. Many cached from (thank you!)

More photos: taken from KHOU-TV in Houston that’s covering St. Bernard. The general consensus is that CNN isn’t covering St. Bernard because there are too many floating dead bodies, and that’s “unsuitable” for the nation.

Official St. Bernard Parish website has a few pictures. Quote from the gentleman who runs the site:

“If I can interpret “gone” by someone, the reference is probably to a “current way of life”, or inundated with Noah’s new flood, or perhaps a “future” way of life. Looking at either interpretation, it’s a depressed feeling. I believe that St. Bernard is not alone and so many of us who have lost so much will band together at some point (as here) and hopefully give a total effort towards complete recovery with a memory that will last a lifetime. It’s a statement, sad but somehow is sprinkled with truth. “Alas, poor parish. I knew it well.” –Rebuilding as a Phoenix from its ashes. –Jerry”

Rebuilding St. Bernard Parish blog

More photos, downtown: from directNIC operator 2

“Checkin site”: seems to go down often…

LiveJournal blog of an operator at directNIC.
Missing Persons
Raging Redfish forum
Photos of lower Plaquemine Parish are at this site
Red Cross: 866-438-4636 or 1-800-HELP-NOW
Number to call to see if people have been rescued: 1-225-925-6626
Company that runs Chalmette Medical Center: 800-347-7750 ask for Heather, you can get on a list and they’ll call you when they have an update
Pet rescue:

General Info:

Kenner pets:

Jefferson pets (some of the links provided are showing up blank…I don’t know why though):

The two cats I gave my grandfather are surely dead now. poor aRTie and Baskin…

6 thoughts on “getting worse

  1. I hope they find your grandfather safe and sound. It’s unfortunate that this is happening to such a lovely city.

    I’ve been reading the LJ (and even looking at the webcam) of the operator of directNIC for the past 16 hours(when awake) with fascination as to how they’re coping. At the same time it’s kind of sickening to see this happen. At least the Mayor called for the evacuation before the storm hit, otherwise this could of been a lot worse, although this is definitely bad.

    Please keep us up to date with info about your grandfather if you can.

  2. Thank you C, your support means a lot to me. Amidst all the smirking about looting and “not planning ahead,” people forget that the population of New Orleans has aged and that many had no way to get out, even with 3 days’ notice. Heartless bastards. Thank you.

  3. I hope he’s OK.

    From looking at the pictures, I can’t grasp the meaning of the destruction. It’s too big.

    Also, something puzzles me: why is the area not lousy with boats, helicopters and Army Corps. of Engineers already?

  4. Ehh the cynicism against looters and government disorganization is no reflection on our hopes for the population trying to get to safety. We’re all here for you.

  5. I hope that your grandfather is alright. I remember when you had Baskin…it’s sad that she/he? may be gone. :( Hope things turn out for the best. *HUG*

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