early august joanbits

Ok, there’s actually more interesting things that have happened in my life than me spending hard-earned dough on neat toys.

For instance, an article I wrote about my work at my last employer (AIM‘s AutoCode product) was published in the Journal of Registry Management (2005, 32.1, pp. 28-31). I apologize here for the misspellings in the table headers; I’m certain that the proof copy I provided had the word “arbitrary” spelled correctly. Ah well, I am deeply thrilled to publish in a journal period, errors and all. My work at AIM was often arduous, but the >99% sensitivity and specificity we started achieving on a regular basis due to my team’s continuous lexicon tweaking made it all seem worthwhile.

I’ve also managed to track down more information on the Voyetra 8 from its original creator, the last remaining “official” tech, and more. I’ll have it posted RSN. There’s a reason these babies still fetch top dollar on eBay – they still have that fat, lush, rich sound you just can’t get out of a digital/virtual synth.

Oh, and I’ll be heading East again in a few weeks – that is, to Malaysia for my current employer and to Japan for vacation. Any long-lost friends looking to get together while I’m in Japan, drop me a note (same email addy as always) and let’s do it!

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