The Pirate Movie

, I immediately thought of you, Blondel, and Xanadu when I saw this on Thursday night.

Mad props to who introduced me to The Pirate Movie, an Australian beauty. Roughly, it’s a 1980s send-up of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, and even retains 6 of the original songs. I’m surprised I didn’t see it as a kid; my biological father is a huge fan of G&S!

Rating: 4 stars. A must see, especially if you like cheesy 1980s films.
Perfect companion piece: Xanadu.
Available on DVD in Region 2 (Australia, UK) but not in North America except on VHS.

(singing) Give us a happy ending, every time….

8 thoughts on “The Pirate Movie

  1. that is truly one of the cheesiest movies of all time. I saw it twice. in the theaters. and several times on cable

  2. I haven’t seen it — I’ll have to go. Did you say it’s in the theater right now?

  3. No, sadly, it hasn’t been in the theatres since 1982. If you have broadband, I might be able to get you a copy. ;)

  4. If you can find it, go for it! VHS only, the DVD was only released in Australia. If you can’t find it, lemme know.

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