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  1. professional cocing tools???

    and for being all that clear… it really isn’t.. very unclear font, lotta parts of letters missing….. but that’s all i see… am i missing something?

  2. Laugh. That’s great. Knowing MS this is no big surprise of course, just kind of odd. I would not have noticed it though without you hinting at it.

    Then again, after using FrontPage (ew) a couple times, it wouldn’t surprise me if it let that go through without warning the user.

  3. the last paragraph baby… starts with a “< / p >” instead of a “< p >“. The marketing monkeys messed up the most basic principle of html, good for them! It’s like something out of dilbert. hee hee.

  4. oooooooooooooooh

    see, i couldn’t even see it it was < p > or if it was < /p >… mine looked like the last half of each letter was wiped away with the cloth….. TODAY i can see all parts of all letters. weird.

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