Back from Los Angeles

…and my first real week there, was full of warmth and self-reliance. Let me tell you, it felt great to be travelling again, and to realize that in a short span of time with a car in a city, I can rapidly find the things that make me happiest.


  • Got to see , & , Shinohara, Shogun, , SirViolet and K.T. (I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you on Saturday night!)
  • Took in at least one recreational educational seminar
  • Had a fantastic time discovering Eclipse, an extensible Java-based platform often used as an integrated development environment (IDE) – I even got caught on film (you can see my hair in a bun at the far right)
  • Upgraded 3 of my company’s install sites
  • Got a lot of time to write in my offline diary
  • Was cradled in soft duvets and pillows, reminding me that I am a human being, and I deserve to be treated like one! :)
  • Fell in love again with National Public Radio — not as a sole source of news or information, but a damn refreshing change from the general media.

I’ve come back to Toronto to find myself starting with a clean slate, a refreshed perspective, and a new sense of purpose. Old projects back-burnered have been renewed. Unfulfilling activities have been eschewed. Tabula rasa, but with my wisdom in tact.

11 thoughts on “Back from Los Angeles

  1. Damn My work for running me ragged! Damn damn damn! Heheh

    I am glad You had a good time out here! Hopefully if You come back, My schedule will be a little more relenting. :)

  2. I’m incredibly thankful you had such a good time in LA, and it sounds like you have some really good friends there (I myself can’t and won’t be bothered to go to SoCal, hehe).

    I also wanted to point out the bloody obvious — you’re the only female attending that seminar. That put a big smirk on my face.

  3. YYAAYY for fresh perspectives!!!
    I’m glad that you have been able to find yourself abit more on this trip.
    I miss you though … I miss the hello kisses and the godbye kisses and the watching of the M*A*S*H ….

  4. Hey Woh!

    It was great to finally meet you! You’re such a cool person. ^_^ Hope you had a successful conference here & a safe flight home.


  5. Hey, you’re in Toronto? Cool! Do you ever go to T.Y.T. at the 519?
    Man, I miss Toronto… I’m hoping to come back within a year when I am more advanced in my transition.

  6. …very much! Want to get together sometime for South Park, M*A*S*H, cool board games and sloppy kisses? ;)

  7. Thanks — had a blast, even at Norm’s! :)

    And I’ll promise to keep considering the US if you will consider some acceptable risk sometime. Would you like to go flying with me someday? :)

  8. Ok ok! But you have to promise to warn me before you do something that may get us intercepted by our own Air Force. ^_^’ J/k! Seriously, I’d love to. ;-) I’ll try not to get airsick like I did in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, haha.

    Thanks again for taking the time to meet up last week.


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