54 thoughts on “YES!!!

  1. YAY
    *jumps up and down and hugs you*

  2. Ehhhhhzehehnt.

    Having a job is a good thing.

    Does this mean you can now, or soon will be able, to afford fuel for a plane ride to Massachusetts? Ya gots to see me new digs.

  3. woo good luck! now you must come down to nyc on feb 21st and see paul van dyk with me!!!

  4. Hurray!!!! Congratulations. ^^ already offered shoes, so I’ll just have to settle for many good thoughts for much success!

  5. On its way love….visits may be possible :D Gotta get a bit of cash to cover the past 3 months here….


  6. Product manager at a medical bioinformatics company.

    Er, or, actually, “Computer Systems Analyst.” Right, that’s it. (For NAFTA/NOC anyway…)

  7. Yes, exactly! And yes I will have money! And we need to talk about the inventory of equipment so I can decide what is/isn’t coming to Canada in due order. I will contact you shortly (within 24 hours.)

  8. you give me hope and inspiration, and i don’t really even know you. not yet, anyway.

    i guess it might have something to do with that, “if one of us can do it, then it is possible for others to follow your lead,” premise.

    congratulations of the highest order. you rock the house.

  9. Well that’s ONE person outta however many thousands of us out still out here. ;) Congratulations!

    Now jump around and shout “Xahoo!” ^_^

  10. Thank you kindly. I will serve gladly and willingly as a beacon of light to other US citizens who are sick and tired of the nonsense there and believe Canada has a much more sane, rational approach to life, domestic and foreign policy. :)

  11. *jumping* “XENU! XENU! XENU!”

    Hrm, er, wait, the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard is coming after me….yikes!


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