wish me luck!

I have an interview tomorrow, second round — hopefully they’ll like me! Have a mock presentation to do, and will have to provide a writing sample (they want it written there, should be interesting)

I want this video game, don’t you?

Now to get back to practicing my presentation and doing some practice writing for tomorrow’s interview.

18 thoughts on “wish me luck!

  1. Cute… Very cute… Trouble is, it’s already been done…

    Oh wait, that was reel life, wasn’t it? :p

  2. ;) Still, a video game where you get to do stupid things that celebrities have done would be great!

    Be Zsa Zsa Gabor and slap a cop or two!

    Be Eddie Murphy and pick up a transvestite prostitute for some foot fetish fun!

    Be Hugh Grant…oh wait, Eddie already got that one…

    Be Martha Stewart, and rip off your investors for $45 million!

    And the list goes on…

  3. good luck! Hopefully, you won’t get into an argument with your interviewer, like I have been prone to do…

  4. Mine has been terrible, here’s wishing you much better!


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