my latest pet peeve

Y’all is spelled y’all, not ya’ll. It’s short for “you all.”

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “my latest pet peeve

  1. now, if only we could address the problem of people using “to grow” in any context other than biological.

    “next year, we are going to grow our company tenfold, just after we capitalise on the synergies related to our recent vertically-integrated merger, along with the paradigm shift related to our new proactive CEO, and no longer will we guestimate our EBTIDA ratio.”


  2. hahahahah, i’d like to see you try that here in atlanta :)

    i use ya’ll (sorry!). but that’s more of a product of where i am. even better around here (and i’m guilty of it too!) is the all ya’ll! :D

  3. are you sure it’s not short of ‘ya all’ — in which case the other spelling makes just as much sense?

    just stirring up trouble here…

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