• Finding these entries mundane? I put a lot more interesting stuff in the friends-only section, and even more useful stuff goes in my private, eyes-only diary. Oh, and hello out there, prospective employers reading my webpage. :)
  • That said, today is a “Joan-Free” day. If you’d like to take me off of your friends list, go for it. I may remove some folks today, but it’s not out of a lack of friendship! Just trying to simplify my online life. :)
  • Bond is selling out. I wonder, did they switch to BMW just so they could, in the future, get a more profitable re-branding from a domestic (e.g., British) car manufacturer?
  • It takes a lot to fall out of a Cessna 152, including both having a failing seat belt AND a faulty door latch. I’m betting he jumped, but I don’t know all the facts.
  • There is hope, assuming the skies stay clear, that I could be skiing or boarding in VT this week! YES!

15 thoughts on ““Joanbites”

  1. I know — my point exactly! They switched a couple of movies ago to a non-British car manufacturer for the cash. Now that Bond is back in an ostensibly British car (though Jaguar is owned by Ford), don’t you think the filmmakers charged Jaguar/Ford extra? More than they were charging BMW? To have the honour of being Bond’s triumphant return to British-ness?

  2. I suppose this is a rather bad time to ask you to add me to your friends list. I’ve been stalk..er..lurking for a while now.
    Don’t hate me.

  3. Good question. You need a LiveJournal account, and I can add you then. LiveJournal accounts are free. I have a limited number I can give out, or you can scan LJ for other people you know. There’s a community where you can request codes, but I’ve forgotten its location (anyone?)

    I then add you to my “Friends” list, which gives you access. Speaking of which….refresh my memory as to your identity again? :)

  4. The door latches in a 152 are almost useless. Much less secure than the 172 latches. A 152’s door will sometimes pop open just during takeoff, or during steep turns, because of the way that the frame bends and twists a little bit.

    That said, I’m going with the “suicide or murder” theory. Why? Because even during a (properly executed) steep turn, you would not be in danger of falling out of the aircraft with the doors open. As long as the turn is coordinated, objects fall “down” straight through the floor of the aircraft, not perpendicular to the Earth. And it’s pretty hard to fly a turn in a 152 that’s so uncoordinated that a person would fall out the side.

  5. it should be noted that this is the first bond where bad guy has a spy car.. a bmw z4 :)

  6. Wow, they managed TWO car sponsorships. Impressive. Wonder what brand of vodka the evil guy drinks.

  7. Yes, I was thinking the same thing, though for the seatbelts AND the door latch to fail at the same time is pretty rare, dontcha think?

  8. I think this is really uncool. Why would you tell everyone that all the interesting stuff is on your friends only page and then proceed to take some people off of your friends list, people who may have been reading your journal with genuine interest? Couldn’t you have done it silently, so as to avoid purposely and blatantly insulting people? Well, I’m probably the only one who’s been removed so I’ll stop bitching and shut up. I will not remove you as a friend because I will always be interested in how you are doing (and I hope you are doing well, as I have to guess now). If that means I’ll just see webcomics and other useless information so be it. This hurts in a big way, but I’ll be ok I guess. Take care. Bye.

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