It’s sad that this advertisement works:

Of course, the Internet is more like this usually:

6 thoughts on “hrm

  1. I’m a bit confused.
    The advertisement drew me in because I’m curious.
    I’m not sure what you mean how it’s sad… The best I can think is perhaps you mean the “female” feet? I’d click on an add with male feet, or any feet, unless I thought they were selling the shoes. *shrug* Maybe that is not what you meant.

  2. Yes, but you have a foot fetish. :P

    In all seriousness, though, what does someone’s legs have to do with XML? And, in a rough survey of 20 male geek friends, they all said “Hrm, those are sexy legs. They make me interested in clicking on the banner,” even though they all were proficient in XML already.

  3. Hmm. Alright.
    I guess I’m still not so up on my unnecessary use of women as sex objects then.
    Although I got quite irritated when my gender prof said of another of my profs, “All I know is she’s Dr. Saenz’s wife.” Oooo I fumed about that. Eh.

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