spent some time calming my ex down last night. It was good. We’re able to be friends and it was nice.

Except she got me fucking sick :( oh well :) Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning.

I just need — some horizontal mambo action :P

9 thoughts on “well

  1. a girl would have to be blind not to fall for you. :p you’re beautiful. so i’m sure that last thing you said can’t be a problem…or if it is…not for long. you’ve just moved, that’s all. :p
    hope you feel better! [hug]

  2. don’t know how to respond to that…

    but on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE, i think i’ll be in toronto beginning of Nov. ;-) let’s party it up.

  3. Sorry. But thanks. :) Actually it’s not my fault you put the spoon in your mouth after I did. Heehee. Take care babe. And get offline but available by phone every once in a while! Sheesh, you’re harder to reach than god! ;p

  4. Spread your legs 245 degrees. Hold your right across to your left at 11 o’clock, your left arm across to your right at 4 o’clock. Pump 42 times. DO NOT EJACULATE. Repeat 5 times a day. Cures disease.

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