last night

thanks and your roommate for making that an incredibly fun drag queen show and dance night! Now if all of the people there weren’t already taken :( And thanks for the $2.25 to get back home…you guys are “da bomb” and I shall return the favor as soon as I am employed again.

Found out I can get my temp Canadian pilot’s license easily enough, so I’m gonna do that before the leaves change so I can take friends for leaf peeping. weeeee!!

Rock climbed again this morning, more 5.6 and 5.7 climbs that assaulted my forearms, then some yummy bloody marys and greasy food. I’m exhausted, and am turning in for a while…

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  1. To get to the Transport Canada building, go to Sheppard subway station and take the exit that’s on the North-West corner of that intersection (the exit should be labelled that way). Anyway, walk North on Yonge a couple of streets (a 2 or 3 minute walk) to 4900 Yonge. It’s an ugly brown quarter-pyramid shaped building with lots of 70’s art hanging inside of it, with “Government of Canada” or something on the sign. You need to go to (I think) the 3rd floor — just ask the guard at the information desk where the Aviation Dept. is.

    The lady on the phone said that if you just brought your license and medical, they’d give you a letter on the spot, allowing you to fly C-numbered planes on your US license. If you want a Canadian license you’ll have to do the medicals and all that jazz.

    If you want someplace to buy charts and the CFS and everything, there’s an FBO down at the Island airport that’s as expensive as all hell to rent from, but they’re cheap to buy the charts, etc. from. The nice thing about that is that you can get there on public transit so you can “pre-buy” your charts before having to go all the way out to Brampton or Buttonville or whatever.

    I decided that since I get an extra paycheque in October, that I’m going to bite the bullet and shell out for the instructor to get refreshed and checked out and stuff, so if you want to go flying, let me know.

    – awh

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