“easy Spidey, she’s just a woman…”

So these new friends of mine (Hi Mike and Tyla!) encouraged me to go out today and try indoor wall climbing. It was a blast. After a false start or two (my newbie partner didn’t show, so I had to wait around for a while to do my lesson) I got harnessed up, re-learned belaying, and got going. It was totally fun and easy.

My big achievement: A 60 foot climb, at difficulty “5.7” (this means semi-large footholds, and enough of them, but still pretty damn challenging), on my first night out. This stuff is a blast, and really gives a great sense of accomplishment. Besides, it gets your mind off of anything but survival. Totally awesome!

Tomorrow, interview #1. Wish me luck! It’s a pretty poor job with poor pay, but it’d be a job.

7 thoughts on ““easy Spidey, she’s just a woman…”

  1. Used to use ropes and stuff outside – that stuff is fun! Haven’t had a chance to try the indoor stuff –

    Hey, you got to start somewhere. Sky’s the limit!

  2. Oh, that one you were talking about in the car.

    Yeah, the pay sucks, but it’s more than I’m making now… :-P Still, I don’t know if I would want to travel that much, even for the raise.

    Next time you go rock climbing, let me know… I might want to tag along (if that’s okay).

    – awh

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