What an impersonal interview I just had. I trek down to this place in the rain, am escorted to a room, told I’m taking a 1-hour Java test, but on PAPER because the computer is broken (what a way to instill confidence!) I then proceed to fill out about 10 pages of multiple choice and short-answer questions in an hour, then turn in the exam.

That’s it. Barely a “Hi, how are you.” No resume review. No meeting with anyone but someone from HR, who I’m sure was just doing her job. I guess this is what happens when you have a job market like today’s.

Oh, and they won’t get back to me for 1-2 weeks. Wow.

Anyway, see this for a sort of party invite…

10 thoughts on “Demoralizing.

  1. I wish I knew what I could do to make things better for you here… Even saying that you will find something eventually must sound like little comfort. Well, at least know that you can call me anytime that you might need anything, or just someone to talk to.

    Did you see this job?

    – awh

  2. Yeah, I don’t believe it right now — lots of doors being slammed in my face the instant I mention my citizenship. And this wasn’t first on my list of desired opportunities, either. is down, can you post the full link? (Connection refused)

  3. i am still poking my toronto IT friend for any ideas… he hasn’t answered my last couple emails. :(

  4. Come to Madison! You can live with me! =D I have a queen-sized bed, and its so comfortable, and leather couches, and and and nifty! Whee :-D

  5. i had that sort of thing when applying for a first job in retail…fortunately i have a nice job now.
    i hope you can find one!

  6. I really want one…it sucks that after having a high-flying career in Japan, NYC and Boston, I’m reduced to this now…

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