I am here, after 18 gruelling hours. Mercy’s not online yet because she doesn’t have a wired ethernet card for her laptop, nor does the place she’s staying in seem to have a working DHCP server. Those of you looking for her will have to wait about 24 hours.

The room’s nice, about the size of a small single room with its own bathroom, but at least it has a double bed. More on the city and where I’m staying tomorrow. I gotta crash. love you all! <warm smile>

31 thoughts on “MADE IT

  1. now we can make beautiful music together without a 13 hour difference. Or not. at least I can fix your synths :P

  2. You’ve always believed I’d end up living here, didn’t you? :) Glad to be home. [smile]

  3. welcome back… i’m probably going to toronto sometime in october… must see you then. ;)

  4. YES! YOU MUST!!! Perhaps by then I’ll have my Canadian pilot’s license too and will be able to fly ya somewhere.

  5. You have got to stroll on down to Blue Jays Way (off of Queen) and have dinner at Papa Leoni’s for me. God I miss that place. Good italian food, but take a friend or two – each dish is meant for 1-2 people, but really, 3 people can eat it. =)


  6. hmm well i’m sure it won’t take you very long. one thing i know other people found useful (i already knew the city pretty well before i moved here because i grew up in mississauga) is to put a map or transit map up on their wall for a while. but mostly it’s just a matter of wandering around!

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