Goodbye Japan

So I’m off to Canada on Monday, and the movers are about to come and pack all my stuff — so this is probably the last or next-to-last posting I make from Japan. I am really gonna miss this place, but mostly, the wonderful friends I’ve met here. Jim, Jaimy, Chibi, Zahara, Matty, Jon, Yui, all the original Spike clan, Tomo, all the Tokyo Comedy Store people (yes, all of them), those I’ve forgotten to mention in my sleep-deprived state, and of course Mercy — you all made my stay in Japan not only worthwhile, but incredibly satisfying. May you all find what you seek in life, and be happy doing so.

For those of you meeting up with me in Boston, the info is: Mary Chung’s, Kendall Square across from the McDonalds, 7PM. Bill, I’ll call you as soon as I get to Toronto so we can meet up and all that. The rest of you, be there!

I’ve realized that I’ve moved literally every year since 1991. Perhaps it’s time to finally pick one place (not city, but actual domicile) and live there for a few years at least. What do you think?

Thank you everyone who’s helped me through the last few weeks. Moving on with my life seems a certainty now, what with everything disassembled and boxed around me. I’m ready to be single again, live on my own again, find love again…and start all over again.

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Japan

  1. how were you able to stay in japan for so long? i can’t stay in holland for more than 3 months unless i marry eva. oh you must have found a job then, right?

  2. I moved over for a girlfriend and a job. Lost the girlfriend after 2 months. Quit the job after 9, found another job after another 2 months, worked it for 11 months, and now I’m leaving. All in all, it’s been a great almost-2 years here. :)

  3. Again, let me know when you’ve settled in enough to take visitors. I’d love to take a drive down to visit. It has been way too long. Boston is a real stretch for a weekend. We have a play Saturday night we are going to anyway.

  4. have a safe trip… welcome back to the us of a. you were sorely missed during your stay abroad.

  5. Yes, Canada is not the 51st state. Yes, I am visiting Boston, part of the USA. But you guys would totally get along in real life! No fighting! :P

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