Japan stories

A quote from my friend:

    <m0nki> guess some yakuza got pulled over in roppongi today >BD
    <m0nki> As is my usual custom, at about 3:45 I headed up to Starbucks or
            Tully's to grab a does of caffeine to keep the synapses firing for
            the remainder of the workday. On my way back, as I make a left
            turn onto Roppongi Dori in front of Almond (on foot), the light
            turns red and people start walking across Roppongi Dori.... and
            out this black Mercedes with tinted windows decides that red
            lights mean "speed up" and he zips through, slowing down a little
            for the pede
    <m0nki> They scatter, he zips through, and two police officers who just
            happened to be there jump out in front of him. He pulls to a stop,
            then revs his engine and lurches a little at them to try to scare
            them out of his way. One of the two jumps out of the way, but the
            other cop (the older one) grabs his baton from his holster, and
            slams the butt end down on the hood.... left a NASTY dent.
    <m0nki> At this, the punch permed gent jumped out of the car and started
            screaming at the officer. Those of you who know the neighbourhood
            may be chuckling at this point, realising exactly where all this
            was taking place - about 20 metres from the Aoyama police station.
    <m0nki> Sure enough, Mr. Yak gets that creepy feeling that someone is
            standing behind him, turns around and there's like 15 cops there.
            As I strolled back to the office, they were going over the car
            with a fine toothed comb - they'd removed the passenger seat, had
            the contents of the trunk on the sidewalk...

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