Part 2

Well, my GF did great on her first day of testing on Friday (though she won’t have the essay score for a few weeks, when it’s graded by the folks in the US.) Today is Part 2 for her, and because of a stupid company-wide meeting, I can’t meet her beforehand to walk her to the building! :(

Good luck, luv! I know you’ll do just fine :)

2 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. what is this test for? i need to start studying for the gmat… want to go to b-school fall ’03. my math skillz are non-existant. :P

  2. I say again:
    I am not aware of any such activity or operation; nor, were I aware of any such operation, would I be disposed to discuss it.

    : . )

    happy days are here again.

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