Question of the week

Do you think it’s possible for a friend to steal your friends? Have you ever stolen someone else’s friends? Have you ever felt like someone “stole you away” as a friend of someone?

5 thoughts on “Question of the week

  1. I’m sure it happens to a lot of people, and i have experienced it a few times -being stolen and stole-.
    It can be due to diverging paths or just differences in charisma.

  2. What, do you think I stole you from Dianora? Haha…. in general, I am too shy to make my own friends, so I steal friends all the time.

  3. Right, ok, I see where you’re going with this, but…

    What I meant was, when you “steal a friend” from someone, they stop being friends with whoever you stole them from. I believe Dianora still likes me! :)

  4. I think if someone can steal a friendship, the friendship was already gone or never there…

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