stupid designers

OK, I’m not trying to point any fingers or anything but…

At work, our design team made these New Year’s postcards we’re supposed to send out to all our clients. But there seem to be two fundamental mistakes with them:

  1. The things make no sense. They’ve got a hole cut in the center, with text on the side saying something like: “Look through the hole with your left eye. Then close it and switch to your right eye. Have a fresh new perspective on life.” HUH? And the copy was written by a native English speaker too!
  2. Because there’s a hole in the middle, the cards don’t qualify for the postcard rate, requiring an extra 71 yen of postage (about USD$0.55).

Brilliant. Not only are we not making a whole lot of sense to our external clients, our internal ones (e.g. finance) aren’t that happy either. I’d be embarassed sending this thing to any of my clients! Instead I wrote up my own, put them in an envelope with my new meishi (business card), and was done with it.