Boom boom

So we watched Shrek last night (thanks chibi!) and rocked the house. Literally. The subwoofer was so loud I’m surprised the neighbors tolerated it! We also rocked the house with our laughter . . . what an incredibly hilarious film. And to think, almost no one in this country has seen it yet, especially on a screen that size =)

The projector really made Notting Hill come to life last week, so vividly that I couldn’t help but get choked up. It’s a surprisingly witty (yay, British humor!) and thoughtful film, uplifting for myself and the gf. I don’t think I’ve snuggled that closely after a film in my life. Yummy warm fuzzysnuggles! (The bathroom’s on the right if you need to puke now.)

On the train this morning: A guy wearing a brown backpack that has “Fresh” written on its outside pocket in big white letters, over a background of the word “nymphomaniac” tiled in orange. WTF?

Joan’s Rule of Order #1: Never fry while naked.