Waynemanor Studio Tracks

The following tracks have been composed and/or produced in Waynemanor Studio.

Original compositions

Produced Tracks

3 thoughts on “Waynemanor Studio Tracks

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  2. Hello,

    I stumbled across your webpage! Would you know, by any chance, how one can update the Voyetra OS?
    I do have a rev3 with D and E boards inside but really need a rev4 due to the MIDI capabilities…


  3. Hi Chris,

    Rev3 -> Rev4 requires a hardware update, I’m afraid. You may have limited success running the Rev4 ROMs on Rev3 HW but be forewarned that not all will work.

    You can download the ROMs, suitable for EPROM flashing, at http://www.wohmart.com/v8/

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