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I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted anything. 2011 was a depressing year, to be sure, but some good things did happen:

  • Got my music into a hit video game, Starwish
  • Resigned my job to get the Ph.D. completed. Estimate: 18-24 months to go from today.
  • Completed a 1000km rally on the rebuilt ’78 CB750, but just barely – she needs to go back into the shop this winter
  • Regained confidence in programming through some short-term hackfests
  • Started prep for the related Introduction to CouchDB Development course, kicking off next week
  • Vacations in both Buenos Aires and Singapore, including time with good friends in each
  • Helping lead and teach in some online gaming communities

I’m entering a very changeable 2012, personally, and I’m not sure exactly how it’ll turn out. At least I have a big list of things to get done!

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